About Square Yarns Ltd.

The latest addition to spinning capacity of to manufacture blended and specialty yarns using latest state of art spinning technology.

Year of Establishment 2000
SYL : 2006

SYL : US$ 20 million

SYL : 31,248 spindles with daily production capacity of 18,500kgs


Our mission is the pole star of our vision for maximization of production of quality life saving products and services strictly on ethical and moral standards at minimum costs to the society ensuring optimum benefits to the consumers, the shareholders and other stakeholders.


Our conception of business germinated from our vision which sees it as a means to the well being of the investors, stakeholders, employees and members of the society at large by creating new wealth in the form of goods and services that go to satisfy the wants of all of them without distributing or damaging the socio-ecological balance of the mother earth and the process of human civilization leading to peaceful Co-existence of all the living beings.

Machinery Details

Machinery Details

Blow room, Carding, Drawing and Combing : Rieter - Switzerland
Simplex / Fly Frame : Electrojet - Spain
Ring Frame : Shanghi Erfangi - China
Auto cone winding : Savio - Italy
QC Equipment : Uster Technologies AG
Humidification Plant : Luwa - Switzerland
Air cooling / Chiller : Shuangliang - China

Quality & Certification ISO-9002 & OEKOTEX Standard 100.