This is another unit of 's vertically integrated facility, producing 100% cotton Open End yarn for hosiery purpose..

Year of Establishment 2000

Manufacturing Business 100% Cotton OE Rotor Yarn for Hosiery

Target Market
Export Oriented Readymade Garments Industry

US$ 12.00 mln

Factory Details

2,880 Open End Heads with a daily production capacity of 20,000 kgs of yarn

100% Cotton Carded and Combed yarn in the count range of Ne. 16 to Ne. 30

Technical Details

Machinery Details

Back Process ( Blow room :: Carding :: Drawing :: Combing ) : Rieter-Switzerland
Autoconer : Schlafhorst with SE-11 Spinbox
QC Equipment : Uster Technologies AG
Humidification Plant : Luwa-Switzerland