Evolution in Progress
understands the need for continuous evolution. And so highest importance is given to research and development.

With the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of experts composed of members from marketing, merchandising and product engineering departments ,
ensures continuous development and sampling at every stage of dyeing, spinning and finished garments production.


An expert team of qualified persons is responsible to assure the quality of the materials to meet the international standards. In the garment-manufacturing unit we are following the quality standards within AQL Random Sampling Plan. In fabric production unit we are using various test methods according to AATCC, ISO & BS standards for checking the physical properties of fabric.

Computerization and Automation in the different departments of Garment and Fabric manufacturing process and facilities like Central Dispensing System for Color & Chemical has made our manufacturing facilities more accurate and has minimized the possibility of human errors.

Fashions Ltd. has already started the process of necessary documentation and set up of standards, for ISO-9002 certification.
The unit is OEKOTEX certified.