An artistic heritage meets cutting edge technology...

In 1997, entered the textile sector with its manufacturing facilities of cotton yarn. Combining modern technology with skilled manpower under 's unique inspiring,atmosphere, this new venture soon rose to the top of the local textile industry. Today it has one of the most sophisticated vertically integrated set-ups.

1. Square in Textile Business
  SQUARE has over 12 years of experience in yarn spinning. The industry is one of the largest producer of knitting & weaving yarns in Bangladesh. Today it has one of the most sophisticated vertically integrated set-ups by which we are producing 90,000 kg of yarns every day. We are recognized by our valued customers through qualigy products with committed services.

1.1 Mission
  Our mission is the pole star of our vision for maximization of production of quality life saving products and services strictly on ethical and moral standards at minimum costs to the society ensuring optimum benefits to the consumers, the shareholders and other stakeholders.

1.1 Vision
  Our conception of business germinated from our vision which sees it as a means to the well being of the investors, stakeholders, employees and members of the society at large by creating new wealth in the form of goods and services that go to satisfy the wants of all of them without distributing or damaging the socio-ecological balance of the mother earth and the process of human civilization leading to peaceful Co-existence of all the living beings.

1.3 Objective
  To strive hard to optimize profit through conduction of transparent business operations within the legal & social framework with malice to none and justice for all in respective of gender disparity, caste, creed of religion or region.

To create more jobs with minimum investments
To be competitive in the internal as well as external markets
To maximize export earning with minimum imported in-puts
To reduce the income gap between top & bottom categories categories of employees
To promote corporate social responsibilities (CSR) amongst all

Its venture comprises of

Quality & Certification ISO-9002 & OEKOTEX Standard 100.